Fisher-Price Play Family Airport

My brother, David, and I were lucky enough to own the Fisher-Price Play Family Airport. We had hours of fun pumping gas into the plane and seeing how many Fisher-Price Little People we could cram aboard. We'd put together a little city with all the Fisher-Price Little People sets we had: the Play Family Sesame Street, the Play Family Farm, and the Play Family Action Garage; and with the Child Guidance Let's Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant play set. Those were good times!

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Jimmy-J said...

I had the Fisher Price airport, the garage/car repair shop (you could rotate the little car, then slide it down the ramp)the barn (remember how it "moo-ed" when you'd open the door?...that never got old), McDonalds (loved the cash register and small trays...was a conveyer belt involved?), The Castle (LOVED THAT...especially the moving staircase and draw-bridge.) I was jealous of my friend down the street, Duffy, who had all these things AND the Fisher Price Holiday HE was spoiled.

I, too, made a city out of all these things, as well as the "Family Tree House" (that was particularly awesome...I think there was an elevator in the tree trunk that you cranked to get up to the apartment under the leaves), and few "Richard Scary Puzzletown" sets (I think there was a medical center which included a dentist office, a library/town hall, and one more I can't remember)and the "Weebles" Camper.

I set all these things across the basement floor in a carefully designed city, along with other buildings I created with decorated shoe boxes, and milk cartons made to look like churches and skyscrapers. I would play out major dramas with the little people who lived in the town. I was exposed to a lot of daytime soap operas that my mom watched, so I was familiar with very melodramatic tv situations, and they inspired me to create life-or-death drama in my city on the basement floor. There was one central, very powerful and wealthy family in this "play-town". I think there were some infidelities between the various little people, maybe even a murder of the Fisher Price King or even a sexual assault on one of the female "tree-tots" (poor thing)

When I felt like the characters in my city needed a shake-up, I would create a major storm, earthquake, or tornado, knocking down the buildings on the little people, and then seeing who survived the disaster...this of course made many opportunities for drama among the survivors...tearful reunions, and emotional devastation from relatives of the dead or times....the naive innocence of my youth...never to return...sigh