Banana Seat Bicycle

In 1974, I was given a red Schwinn Bantam bicycle with a removable bar to convert it from a boy’s bike to a girl’s bike. My brother, David, got a blue Schwinn Typhoon shortly thereafter. A few years later, the Easter Bunny brought David and I banana seats and tall handlebars to upgrade our bikes to the latest fashion. My banana seat was sparkly red and David’s was sparkly blue, and the grips on our handlebars matched our seats. Stylin'!

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Anonymous said...

I was born in September 1967. I had two banana seat bikes. The first was a yellow Schwinn Pixie with 16" wheels. Got that for my 4th birthday. The second was a Schwinn Fair Lady. Goth that for my 7th birthday. It was light blue, with a flowered banana seat, and I had the flowered basket too. After that I had a green Schwinn 10 speed, got that when I turned 10 or 11. Dad and Mom loved the Schwinn brand.